Jeff G. Nunez
Chairman and President

Jeffrey has provided investment and public relations consulting services to the Company since October 2006 and has assisted the Company in negotiating and concluding numerous financing arrangements during his consultancy.

Mr. Nunez currently serves as Chief Executive Officer and President of Media 3 Communications, Inc.

Previously, Mr. Nunez served as Chairman of Lexicon, and led its Advisory Services division. His early work with Government Securities, Corporate Bonds and Municipal Bonds led him to Shearson Lehman Brothers as Vice President of Investments and then Prudential Securities Inc. as Senior Vice President of Investments. His career is benchmarked by high production levels (consistently ranked in the national top ten percent).

In 1997 he was recruited to join Fordham Financial Management Inc. and accepted the position of Senior Vice President of Investment to lead their Wall Street Broker - Dealer operations.

In late 1999, Mr. Nunez opened his own office of Supervisory Jurisdiction (OSJ) on the 85th Floor of the World Trade Center, Tower One. That OSJ under Providential Securities, Inc. grew from core staff into 20 Brokers with complete support office staff, by late 2000. Then, the Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction Providential Securities, Inc. through market events, transitioned into the Chicago Investment Group, Inc. Jeff was appointed President of this consolidated group (OSJ) and Senior Vice president of Investments. In these positions, he filled a number of different roles and responsibilities from investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, to securities trading.

Mr. Nunez then began Consultation for public companies, and companies about to go public through Broad Street Capital Inc. a consulting company through which he formerly operated his offices of Supervisory Jurisdiction for Chicago Investment Group and Providential Securities. While serving as Chairman of Lexicon United, Inc. on February 27, 2006, Lexicon acquired ATN Capital Inc. a Brazilian Limited Company engaged in the business of managing and servicing accounts receivables for large financial institutions in Brazil. On July 27, 2007, Lexicon became a public company. Mr. Nunez served as Vice-President and Secretary of and maintained a directorial position with Lexicon until March 2011, and remained as a consultant to the company until March 2012.

Mr. Nunez formed Media 3 Communications in January of 2011, and remains the sole owner of this telecommunications company, which owns a California State video franchise.

David L. Haavig, PhD
Vice President and Chief Scientist

David Haavig, PhD, Vice President and Chief Scientist, joined MIT in May 1998 as director of research and development. Dr. Haavig has over 30 years experience in instrument design and computer software with applications in optical measurements and analysis. Dr. Haavig, prior to joining MIT, was Technical Director and Principal Investigator on numerous government programs at McDonnell Douglas and San Diego-based Science Applications International Corporation. Dr. Haavig received his Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from the University of Seattle and his Master of Science and PhD in Physics from Purdue University.

Victor A. Hollander
Director and Chief Financial Officer

Victor A. Hollander, Director and Audit Committee Chairman, was licensed to practice public accounting in California in 1958. In 1965, he established and was the partner in charge of the Los Angeles office of a large New York certified public accounting firm where he specialized in audit and securities matters. In 1978, he left and formed the accounting firm of Hollander, Gilbert & Co, and in 2002, he joined Weinberg & Company as Managing Director of the West Coast Group. Mr. Hollander, during his professional career, has been active in local, state and national professional activities and has served on various securities, ethics, accounting and auditing committees.